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The effects of sugarcane ripeners drift in non-target crops

Horticulture International Journal
Juliana de Souza Rodrigues,1 Pedro Luís da Costa Aguiar Alves2


The use of ripeners is one of the steps of managing sugarcane in Brazil. Sugarcane ripeners are mostly applied by airplanes and besides the target crop, these products can reach neighboring areas close to the sugarcane crops, causing a variety of effects. One of the crops that can be affected by this phenomenon is lettuce. Lettuce, as sugarcane, has its importance at local markets in Brazil. In literature, some researches are mentioning the effects caused by drift in many crops, but for lettuce the information is scarce. Researches that identifies the main consequences of ripeners drift are extremely necessary and it is a useful source for growers to identify the first possible symptomswhen it occurs.


lettuce, phytosanitary products, application technology, off-target, management, vegetable market, photosynthetic process, phytosanitary products, non-target plants, spray nozzle, larger droplets, environmental conditions