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Safety and efficacy of two botanical based topical anti-acne products in treatment of mild to moderate acne subjects

Journal of Dermatology & Cosmetology
Trusha Gajjar,1 Nayan Patel,1 Maheshvari Patel,1 Soon-Keong Chew2

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1.1 Background: Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes spots and pimples on the face due to excessive skin sebum.
1.2 Objectives: To evaluate efficacy and safety of Rosa T Mild Cleanser and Rosa T Serum in volunteers with mild to moderate facial acne lesions with oily skin/excessive skin sebum.
1.3 Methods: 37 subjects were randomized in a double-blind, two arm, parallel study conducted in healthy males and females aged≥18 to≤35 years. Each subject applied Placebo Cleanser /Rosa T Mild Cleanser along with Rosa T Serum on face BID for 42 days. 
Effect of Placebo Cleanser and Rosa T serum (Test Product 1) and RosaT Mild Cleanser and Rosa T Serum (Test Product 2)was evaluated for sebum level, skin hydration, cutaneous inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne lesions, skin pigment, acne severity and acne scars assessment.
1.4 Results: Combined usage of Rosa T serum along with the cleanser proved to be effective where significant reduction in sebum level on cheek and forehead (p<0.001), cutaneous inflammatory (p<0.05) and non-inflammatory (p<0.01) acne lesions skin pigment (p<0.001), till Day 42, with sufficient skin hydration level (MS>40) and no apparent adverse event was observed.
1.5 Conclusions: Significant improvement in acne, overall skin condition with lowered sebum level, decrease in skin pigment, sufficient skin hydration, improved acne condition and reduction in acne scars. The botanical based Rosa T Mild Cleanser and Rosa T Serum (Test Product 2) can be employed as a safer and effective substitute to current change of synthetic topical anti acne product in patients with acne severity grade II and III.


acne vulgaris, adult acne, scar, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, cardiff acne disability index, intrauterine device, oral contraceptive pill