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Scabies – one more lesson learned

MOJ Clinical & Medical Case Reports
Jochanan E Naschitz, Bait Balev Nesher, Ruth Bruce Rappaport

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During the course an outbreak of scabies in a nursing home, singular was the case of an elderly woman whose scabietic eruption was limited to her right hand and forearm. She had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, was left aphasic with right hemiplegia. Her non-paralyzed left hand, restricted with a protective glove to prevent the patient drawing on the tracheostomy cannula, was not affected byeruption. This is what makes this case unusual and informative: while symptoms of scabies are mediated through inflammatory and allergy-like reactions, the scabietic eruption may remain limited to the site of direct contact with the source, dissimilar to hypersensitivity reactions. 


wrists, elbows, back, buttocks, external genitalia, sarcoptes scabiei, clinical diagnosis, serpiginous burrows, microscopy, dermoscopy