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Growth performance of Catenella nipae on bamboo poles in the inter-tidal mangrove swamps of Chittagong coast

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Macro-benthic algae Catenella nipae was cultured from November '06 to August '07 at the Salimpur planted mangrove area of Chittagong Coast. Growth of the cultured C. nipae on bamboo poles was measured during the investigation period. Average growth of C. nipae on bamboo poles was recorded 0.19cm/day. Physico-chemical parameters of water and soil were recorded during culture period in the tidal swamp of Salimpur mangrove area. Water temperature ranges from 24.0 to 31.5?C, salinity from 6.0 to 21.0‰, dissolved oxygen (DO) from 3.8 to 5.8ml/l, water pH from 7.2 to 8.4, total dissolved solids (TDS) from 410 to 598mg/l, , total suspended solids (TSS) from 50 to 118mg/l, Total alkalinity from 95 to118 ppm, NO2-N from 0.18 to 0.47mg/l, NO3-N from 0.56 to 0.69mg/l, PO4-P from 0.90 to1.10 mg/l, HCO3 from 69.88 to 93.80mg/l, were recorded during culture period. Soil organic carbon, organic matter, soil PO4-P, soil pH were ranges from 2.22-2.37%, 4.22-4.51%, 1.10-1.39mg/100g and 5.9-6.7, respectively in the culture area. Growth of C. nipae showed a significant positive relation with water and soil parameters such as dissolved oxygen (DF=17, P=0.006, t=3), NO3-N concentration (DF=17, P=0.055, t=2) and a negative correlation with HCO3 concentration (DF=17, P=0.004, t=3). Physico-chemical parameters of both water and soil revealed that the coastal area of Salimpur could be a significant place for commercial culture of seaweeds C. nipae in Bangladesh.


Seaweeds, World Ocean, Amino acids, Lipids, Vitamins, Minerals