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Relationship between serum survivin levels before radiotherapy and clinical response in patient with stage iib cervical carcinoma

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Romy Ade Putra, Hadi Susiarno, Ali Budi Harsono, Adji Kusumadjati

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Background: Cervical carcinoma is the main malignant disease that causes death in women. Radiation is a therapy for cervical carcinoma. Radiation will induce apoptosis in carcinoma cells. Survivin as anti apoptosis will inhibit cervical carcinoma response to radiotherapy. For this reason, it is necessary to conduct a study that compares survivin levels in cervical carcinoma patients before radiotherapy with clinical response.
Method: This study is an observational design with analytical cohort studies. The survivin serum level and mass size of 30 stage IIB cervical carcinoma patients were measured before radiotherapy, then the size of the mass was measured again after the patient completing radiotherapy. Mass size before and after radiotherapy is compared to determine the patient's clinical response to radiotherapy.The study was conducted at the Gynecology Oncology Clinic, Radiotherapy Department and Clinical Pathology Laboratory of Hasan Sadikin Hospital in January to July 2019.
Result: Subjects with lower mean of survivin level, 111,789±2.47pg/mL produced a complete clinical response. Whereas subjects with a higher survivin level , 502,689±1.26pg/mL produced a partial clinical response. From the result of the T Test it was found that the mean of survivin serum levels were significant with p value of 0.029.
Conclusion: The higher the survivin level before radiotherapy, the worse the clinical response to radiotherapy in patients with stage IIB cervical carcinoma.


Survivin, Radiotherapy, Clinical response, Cervical carcinoma