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Wetlands’ generated natural assets through fishery and aquatic birds’ boosting prosperity and employments 

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Some debates provoke that wetlands are serving as climate smoother, bring carbon sequestration and bring improvement in agriculture. These benefits can be visualized on corollary of function of oceans, but such benefits have no visible impact. The area extents of wetlands get build up, which rather add to environmental problems. This study presents innovative technology of treating waste water to create fresh water of sustainable supply usable for rearing fish which will be consumable by human, animals and birds. Study emphasized that when fishery product is surplus, it will be usable for extraction of iodine and other nutrient supplement and the remaining part as tank aged enriched manure of organic nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P). It revealed that entire process will involve several tasks to be accomplished by candidates of different scientific and technical skills. The products so processed will be usable within country as well as become items for export. The different tasks will provide employ opportunities better than those of past and present ongoing Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) with respect to higher wage, payment, reducing hardship and maintaining dignity of human labor. Part of revenue can be kept as reserve fund to supplement any emergency situation such as that happened during pandemic COVID-19. The study sets alternative method of huge wasteful expenditures on river action programs. Thus, countries will have contemporary economic growth not affected by climate change. The coastal wetlands similar to those of within any country will have protection from sea actions; hence it will provide resilience against any emergency situation.


fish and fishery, ground water governance, guano, organic N and P, wetlands, wild life bird species, detritus food chain, environmental emergency situation, economic growth