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Photoprotection and skin self-examination in primary attention users: the impact of smartphone as a tool for education

Journal of Dermatology & Cosmetology
Ricardo Tadeu Villa,1 Ana Carolina Fortes Braga Brederodes Villa,1 Maria do Rosário da Silva Ramos Costa,1 Ana Beatriz Costa Brito,2 Brenna Carolina Sousa Braga,2 Eliana Mika Yamaguchi,3 Magnus Falk4

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1.1 Introduction "mobile health" consists in using electronic devices to support health. 
1.2 Objectives observe photoprotection, skin self-examination and compare the impact of multimedia presentation to Whatsapp messages on these habits in primary attention. 
1.3 Methodology experimental study, envolving 300 users. First moment: SEPI (Sun Exposure and Protection Index) and SSEAS (Self Skin-Examination Attitudes Scale) were applied and a presentation was performed. Second moment (8 weeks):150 users received photoprotection and self-examination messages. Third moment:300 re-answered questionnaires. Differences were analysed using t test andlinear regression. 
1.4 Results 39.66% used sunscreen always/frequently and, in intervention, ascended to 47.91% (p=0.0014) without change in control. Self-examination was a priority for 48.67% and increased to 73.91% in control (p=0.0179) and 69.8% (p=0.0001) in intervention, without difference.
1.5 Conclusion photoprotection remained low and self-examination became priority for two-thirds (without difference between groups).


mobile health, skin cancer, photoprotection, education, skin diseases, photoprotection, decisive stimulus, transforming knowledge, smartphones