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Aframomum corrorima storage behavior status and its use as a plant in the community

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Storage behavior of Aframomumcorrorimaginger family, Zingiberaceae(Braun) P.C.M. Jansen], seed Storage behavior study was conducted at Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute (EBI) based on the secondary data from the Gene bank. This study was started to conduct since March, 2017. The persistence of this study was to classify seed storage behavior. This economically important, endangered, and endemic (EEE) spice for the country was collected from 12different localities of, Keffasheka zone. Seeds were dried at room temperature, measured initial moisture content, 12.8% under 20°C, Seed were germinated by blotter method on filter paper, every 10 days taken germination data, final data was taken after 35 days. Grow very slowly, but all seeds germinate. To study them for long term conservation and sustainable utilization, all seeds kept under -10°Cfor 6months kept under -10°C, viability was 0%, means all seeds were not viable. According to the international seed storage behavior of (IBPGR 1991), seeds determined as recalcitrant seed behavior.


Aframomum corrorima, recalcitrant, seed storage behavior