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Acquisition and recognition of ultrasonic signatures using multi-layer neural network

International Journal of Biosensors & Bioelectronics
Maicol Peterson Gandolphi de Almeida, Pedro Bertemes-Filho


The echo captured by an ultrasonic sensor provides details of the geometric shape of objects, this ability common among dolphins and bats is known as echolocation. The signal detected by an ultrasound sensor contains, in addition to the distance from the object, characteristics such as the type of material and internal cracks. This article describes a method for acquiring ultrasonic signals and recognizing them as geometric shapes through the use of a neural network processed by the TensorFlow JS library. The results using basic geometries (rectangular, triangular and spherical parts) showed that TensorFlow JS recognizes their ultrasonic signatures, being an additional solution to those that use cameras for object recognition.


echolocation, neural network, tensor flow, ultrasonic signature