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The comparative analysis of global pandemics of two respective genre 

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The ongoing global pandemic that has been demolishing every aspect of humankind is truly unprecedented. The mankind experienced the variety of catastrophe since last few centuries, however, this deadly epidemic is extremely unique. This is not restricted to a particular geographical periphery, more importantly, it is not ethnicity dependent. If we could revert back, the last global epidemic of such proportion that is Spanish Flu (1918 H1N1 influenza pandemic) had plenty of similarities with the ongoing disaster in terms of the prevalence across the globe, epidemiology and associated attributes. Scientific fraternity across the world is trying the heart out to depict the origin of this deadly disaster but to say the least, there has been more argument than settlement. However, the most crucial part that coincidentally blends both the epidemics in a perfect order is the infodemic that without a shadow of doubt is the most staggering obstacle to deal with. In this paper a comprehensive effort has been put forward to illustrate the comparative analysis between the global pandemics of two respective genre. At the same time, the best possible lay outs have been also discussed to overhaul the ongoing crisis


pandemic, epidemic, infodemic, epidemiology, spanish flu