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Training of students of physiotherapy, an antique look and postmodernist

Journal of Otolaryngology-ENT Research
Luisa Fernanda Becerra Ostos

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With this article is to describe in general terms the areas least performed by physiotherapists and in the workplace; where a series of situations from developing their skills, either through ignorance and/or perform insecurity occur. In addition, it is important to raise awareness among universities, associations and bodies representing us at the government level, since their experiences contribute to unification of curricula, which are the backbone of every profession. Why different studies found that supports the curriculum of several universities pensums by major regions and departments could be observed in the same inequality and disadvantages that later are going to be facing the future graduates by the lack of skills in different areas of performance of the race. As consistent with the above, will result in an inequity in the competency framework, which in future will be an obstacle to compete scientifically with other races in the area of health, such as medicine, therapy, dentistry and nursing. Finally, the process identity is emphasized at national and global level as described in our international representative World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) in terms of art, science and technique of physical therapy. And just to show that we are much more than a “massage” as we currently perceive and demonstrate the skills learned in the university cloister really promotion and prevention.


physiotherapy, education, societies, competency based education