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COVID-19 detection using SERS technique

MOJ Applied Bionics and Biomechanics
Caroline Magdy,1 Fatma Issam,1 Pierre Amir,1 Sandra Adel,1 Sherif El Gohary1,2

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Using Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) can be a more promising choice for obtaining a faster detection of COVID-19 than the PCR. PCR protocol amplifies the single segment of DNA to 100 billion copies after 40 doubling cycles to provide sufficient intensities of fluorescent signals for virus detection, which takes hours. In this paper, we proposed that the enhanced signals of SERS, which can identify single nucleotide polymorphisms and unique gene sequences, can provide a more economic and accurate detection that does not require the long time needed for DNA amplification of COVID-19. Our proposed diagnostic tool is based on technology of single molecule SERS which checks if the Raman shift of the sample signal matches with the recorded one of COVID-19. In addition, its portability property provides the allowance of its usage in places other than labs and healthcare facilities. Therefore, the superiority of using SERS over fluorescence is manifested in the acquirement of a few-minute detection of coronavirus by the action of a SERS laser rather than the long and expensive measures taken in PCR.


SERS, COVID-19, single molecule, DNA, RNA, PCR, raman