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Pasteurella multocida peritonitis in a CAPD patient case report and a review of literature

Urology & Nephrology Open Access Journal
Mastrapasqua Sonia, Martinez M Carolina, Calfunao Daniel, Castro Rendon

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Bacterial  peritonitis  is  a  common  complication  in  CAPD  patients.  Skin  bacteria  such  as  Staphylococci are most usually found in PD peritonitis cultures. Also Streptococci and Gram negative rods are found. Pasteurella multocida is an aerobic Gram negative coccobacillus found as natural oral flora in cats and dogs and other domestic and wild animals. We report a  patient  who  developed  peritoneal  dialysis  associated  peritonitis  induced  by  Pasteurella  multocida, that was isolated from de dialysis effluent. This pathogen is very unfrequent in CAPD infections, in the literature there are about 33 cases. This is the first case reported in Argentina.1


peritoneal dialysis, pasteurella multocida, peritonitis