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Opportunities for floating closed containment systems for fish farming

Journal of Aquaculture & Marine Biology
CM Wang,1 J Wiegerink,1 BT Leow2

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While wild fish stocks are depleting due to over fishing, the fish food industry is trying to keep up with the increasing demand. Concerns are increasing about the environmental impact of open net cages on wild ecosystems since open net cages rely entirely on natural ecological resources of the surrounding water body. The only way to minimize or even exclude the environmental impact of sea-based aquaculture is to make use of closed containment systems where there is minimal contact between the rearing environment and the external environment. This mini-review article presents the current status of sea-based closed containment aquaculture and identifies future research topics to realise closed containment aquaculture in near shore and offshore environments.


floating closed containment systems, sea-based aquaculture, fish farming, aquaculture, reinforces polymer, salmon industry, farmed fish, ozonated