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Changing pattern of pathogens and their antibiogram in pyogenic meningitis - a two years study from India

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A 2 years clinico-laboratory study was conducted at one of the premium tertiary care Institute in India. Objective of the study was to see if there is any change in existing Microbial profile and their antibiogram in admitted cases of acute bacterial meningitis. A definitive change in bacterial profile and antibiogram was noted along with change in seasonal variation of acute bacterial meningitis (ABM). Acinetobacter and Gram negative organisms were found to be increasing in numbers in comparison to Gram positive organisms in Children. Whereas in adults Gram Positive organisms were found to be major pathogens but their sensitivity patter changed with increased resistance to penicillin .This change in bacterial profile and antibiogram is very important to assess and communicate to clinicians for better, early and effective management of ABM patients.


bacterial meningitis, antibiogram, pathogens, cerebrospinal fluid, gram negative organisms, microbial profile