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Consumer perception towards sale of second-hand clothes in the localities of Odisha, States of India

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Objective: The objective of this paper is to understand the perception of local people of Odisha specifically Bhubaneswar city towards the sale and purchase of second-hand clothes. This paper also clarifies how the importance of garment reuses for environmental benefits and how to promote the sale of second-hand garments.
Methodology: The research methodology consisted of quantitative analysis from the data obtained through the distribution of questionnaires through online mode to the residents of Bhubaneswar city and a qualitative approach by interviewing them on their perception towards sale and purchase of second-hand clothes.
Results: Consumers’ level of awareness regarding the implications of textile wastes on the environment is quite low. Perception of others on a customer purchasing second-hand clothes mattered a lot. Since that perception was mostly negative, customers always stepped back in making the purchase. Moreover, it was also associated with poor hygiene and quality which was a major turn off for them. Surprisingly, they didn't mind paying a good amount if the garment was good in quality & hygienic which is a positive sign as their mindset can be changed with a proper approach.
Limitations: The survey was conducted with less sample size. Hence, more accurate and precise data can be obtained by increasing the sample size.


Circular economy, Garment reuse, Post-consumer textile waste, Contemporary lifestyle