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Use of micro tunnels to produce cantaloupe melon out of season in the comarca lagunera region, northern Mexico

Horticulture International Journal
Arturo Gaytán-Mascorro,1 YasminIleana Chew-Madinaveitia,2 José de Jesús Espinoza-Arellano,3 David Guadalupe Reta-Sánchez,4 JoséAlfredo Samaniego-Gaxiola,2 Héctor Javier Martínez-Agüero1


The Comarca Lagunera regiĆ³n is th emost important area for cantaloupe production in Mexico with about 6,000 hectares. However, under traditional production systems there are problems that limit production. An important problem is that early planting (January) without protection systems crops are damaged by low temperatures, which causes great economic losses. The objective of this work is to present information, obtain edduring the 2010-2018 period, of research and technology transfer projects of the use of polypropylene microtunnels to produce cantaloupe at an early planting date in the Comarca Lagunera region, Mexico. The results showed that with the use of microtunnels,in early planting dates, a better agronomic behavior of the crop, higher productivity and better profitability have been achieved.


cantaloupe, microtunnels, early planting, market window, cantaloupe-producing, reuse microtunnels, environment in the plant, accelerated growth, approximate planting, leaf edgeburns, polypropylene, environmental indicators