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On rare and unusual types of dissociative disorders: a case of dissociative episodes with time travel-like experience

Journal of Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry
Aisha Waquad,1 Tasmia Khan,2 Layth Lewis,2 Kulwinder Bhatnura,2 Heela Azizi,1 Deniz Yucel,1 Sinthuja Jayaraj,1Kenneth Lumbrazo,1 Navpreet Singh,1 Rahima Taugir,2 Karthik Cherukupally,3 Ayodeji Jolayemi3

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The Spectrum of Dissociative Disorders are based on criteria that define the dissociative experience of depersonalization along the spatial dimension with patients having dissociative episodes typically describe the experience of being spatially removed from the first person experience. We present the unique case of a patient with Other Specified Dissociative Disorder who exhibits depersonalization in relation to the dimension of time, with no clear spatial depersonalization. We discuss our findings in light of research on disturbances in temporal perception in patients and the implication for future criteria for Dissociative Disorders.


spatial dissociation, abuse, depersonalization, derealization, time, dissociative, disorder, time perception, temporal dissociation, estrangement, spatial awareness