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An assessment of composition and diversity of fin fish in the upper course of Otamiri river, Imo State, South-Eastern Nigeria

International Journal of Hydrology
Adebayo Ebenezer Temitope,1 Ekeledo Chukwunyere Bobo2

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The composition and diversity of the fin fish of upper course of Otamiri River was study for the period of three months to evaluate the likely effects of the recent anthropogenic activities around the river on the fish species. Water sample for physcio-chemical parameter were collected and analyses using conventional field and standard laboratory techniques. Likewise, the fish samples were collected bi-weekly using active and passive fishing gear. All the physic-chemical parameters measured fall within the standard recommended limit for aquatic management except the pH, ammonia, total suspended solid, Nitrate and carbon (iv) oxides. Also, sixteen species of fish belong to 9 fish families were recorded with the families, Cichlidae recording the highest percentage abundance and also found to be most diverse. The anthropogenic activities around the river couple with over-exploitation of the fisheries resources were found accounted for the decline in the fishes composition and diversity of the river.


anthropogenic, over-exploitation, diversity, composition