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Our experience of sling operative correction of stress incontinent in women of Uzbekistan

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Gafurov JM,1 Djabbarova YuK,1 Ruzieva NKh2

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Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) occurs in 38-45% of women and with increasing age reaches 60%. In recent years, synthetic materials have been used for surgical correction.
Purpose: Is to conduct a comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of urethropexy with prolene tape with anterior and posterior colpoperineolevatoroplasty in the correction of stress urinary incontinence.
Materials and methods: The results of plastic surgery with a free synthetic loop made of Prolene - TVT-O for stress urinary incontinence in 54 patients are presented. The comparison group consisted of 30 patients who underwent typical front and rear colpoperineorrhaphy.
Results: Normal urination function was restored 1 day after surgery. Blood loss, the course of the postoperative period, and the length of hospital stay were almost identical in both groups. There were no complications for 5 years (100%) in the main group.
?onclusion: Sling surgical correction is an effective and reliable method of treating stress incontinence in women.


Stress urinary incontinence, Women, Sling surgical correction