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Theoretical study of the process of interaction of particles of weed impurities in the flow of raw cotton with the working bodies of the cleaning machine

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Gaybnazarov Egamnazar Eryigitovich,1 Abdurakhmonov Akmalzhon Akbarovich2

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The article proposes to use the Euler equations to describe the motion of a stationary flow in the cleaning zones, which allows determining the laws of pressure, density and velocity distribution along the arc of contact of a moving layer of raw cotton with a mesh surface in the process of impact impact with spikes on the pulp. It has been established that the pressure, densities and flow rates along the cleaning arc as a result of hammer spikes vary in steps, with a decrease in pressure and density and an increase in the flow velocity along this arc.


Equations, Friction force, Mass of raw cotton, Ring drums, Mesh surfaces, Dry friction force, Model, Density, Angular velocity, Element motion, Elastic element, Mote model