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The CUSUM model, a security tool

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The Cusum method allows the student is evaluated personalized way. It requires software where alpha and beta errors and acceptable failure rate (h0) or unacceptable (h1) are set. When the participant is within the limits of decision h0 and h1 is within the learning curve and just across the decision limit h0, it can be considered that it has acquired efficiency in performing this procedure (competition).


Make a reflection on the objective and personalized assessment method, called CUSUM, or cumulative sums, to evaluate the acquisition of psychomotor skills in a lab, and later skills when activities are performed in patients, which it is intended to provide greater security to patients.


From a non-systematic review of the medical literature on the Cusum, a reflection highlighting the usefulness of this method of assessment on the acquisition of psychomotor skills in medicine arises.


Evaluation is a difficult task, more medicine, where despite the aphorism “To err is human”, an error malpractice can endanger the patient’s life. The Cusum method emerges as an objective assessment tool for the acquisition of procedural knowledge and skills and deserves its implementation in the health professions.


learning curves, cusum, competition, clinical impact