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Assessment and most common exterior faults in medium breeds of rabbits, Part II: In position coat, Topcolor and undercolor

International Journal of Avian & Wildlife Biology
František Zigo,1 Ond?ej Pyskatý,1 Silvia Ondrašovi?ová,2 Martina Zigová,3 Vlastimil Šimek,4 Peter Supuka5

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The breeders as well as the judges of rabbits pay great attention to the color and quality of the coat. Therefore, in the second part of this study we evaluated exterior errors and advantages that are the main indicators of coat color, structure and quality in selected medium breeds of rabbits from 11 exhibitions. The study included 1133 rabbits in weight category between 3.25 to 5.5 kg of breeds Big Light Silver (308 pcs; BLS), Chinchilla Giganta (184 pcs; ChG) and Vienna group breeds (641 pcs; VB).The qualities and exterior faults of typical breed traits were evaluated in three positions: coat, Topcolor or markings and undercolor according to the current Book of Rabbit Standards in the territory of Czech and Slovak Republics. The results of this study showed that some individuals at the time of the show were not in optimum show fitness (moulting), which negatively affected the characteristics and the structure of their coat. The exterior deficiencies typically observed in most selected breeds were thinner coat and its lower elasticity. Especially in ChG (34.2%), BLS (19.8%) and in the group of Vienna breeds (16.8%), the coat was less elastic. The exterior faults in the fifth position - Topcolor- were manifested mainly by uneven coloration of a certain part of the body, e.g. limbs, hips, loins or chest. Another frequent fault was a slightly rusty coloring or isolated white hairs in Topcolor, or the edge of the ears in Vienna Blue and black varieties. In the position undercolor we mostly observed slight variations in uneven or lighter undercolor. The biggest problems of all selected breeds were evaluated with a wild type factor (Agouti) in which the width and borders of the intermediate color are considered within the undercolor. The results of this study showed the importance of evaluation of the exterior of rabbits because their final score and breeding value is largely influenced by the structure of the coat and the quality of undercolor.


rabbits, exterior, chinchilla giganta, big light silver, vienna blue, coat, breeding value, relevant exterior characteristics, applicable, widespread, individual exhibitions, exterior evaluation, specific country, flexibility and balance