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Knowledge about male pelvis anatomy and prostate cancer in men

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Sousa LE,1 Fernandes GS,2 Santos CG,2 Ferreira JVG,2 Silva JL2

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Educational actions are recommended to stimulate behavioural changes based on healthy lifestyle  habits  about  prostate  cancer.  The  educational  actions  require  methodologies  that  evaluate  scientific  knowledge  and  behaviours  related  to  health.  The  aims  of  this  study were to propose standards of evaluation to theoretical and practical knowledge about male anatomy, preventive attitudes, and cancer screening methods we applied questionnaires to verify knowledge about pelvic anatomy and prostate cancer issues. We use an anatomical model to analyse practical knowledge. Our results show that part of the men does not know important  male  anatomy  concepts.  We  found  that  68%  was  unaware  of  the  relationship  between  the  prostate  and  the  urethra  and  74%  was  unaware  of  prostate  and  rectum  correlation. However men who had satisfactory theoretical anatomical knowledge were 1.3 times more likely to have satisfactory knowledge about prostate cancer. Our study suggests that  educational  investments  in  interventions  are  necessary  to  promote  the  dissemination  of  anatomical  knowledge  regarding  the  male  pelvis  which  will  both  raise  awareness  and  ensure men of their autonomy. These interventions will allow men to be more active in their health-illness process, in their early diagnosis, and in their disease prevention.


pelvis, anatomy; prostate cancer, education, knowledge