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Effect of mesh count on dot design and quality of screen printing in knit fabric

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Rasheda Begum Dina,1 Md Zulhash Uddin,1 Ummul Khair Fatema2

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Mesh count effect on the design and quality of printed fabric in screen printing was investigated after printing dot design on knit fabric using different mesh count screens and different types of ink. The design effect was evaluated by visual assessment as well as microscopic observation. Mesh opening area of each screen type was calculated from respective digital microscope images to find the possibility of the amount of ink passing through the screen and level of print detail, produced in dot design on the screen. Also, print coverage, saw-tooth effect, line sharpness, etc. were examined by measuring different distances, the diameter of dots, etc. in printed fabric and were compared with image positives. The quality of the printed fabric was assessed by color difference, color fastness.


Mesh count, Dot design, Screen, Screen printing, Gradation of tone, Saw tooth effect, Printing quality