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A community based survey on home birth: mothers’ attitude, reasons and perceived consequences

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Chisom Joy Mbadugha, Ada Lilian Obiekwu, Chiamaka Jennifer Okafor, Ngozi Joy Omotola, Nonye Ann Chukwujama

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Home birth when unplanned and in the absence of a skilled attendant has been associated with adverse infant and maternal outcome. Sometimes, women give birth in a familiar place with family members or other trusted companions who may not have the necessary skill to conduct deliveries. In developing countries like Nigeria, conditions are not safe enough to encourage women especially those living in rural and remote areas to deliver at home. The purpose of the study was to assess mother’s attitude, perceived reasons and consequences of home births in Ugwuogo Nike, Enugu state. This community based study adopted a cross-sectional descriptive survey design. Purposive sampling technique was used to draw 208 respondents from a population of women of reproductive age (15 -49) in Ugwuogo Nike. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire developed by the researchers. Data generated were statistically analyzed using descriptive statistics. The study findings revealed home birth prevalence of 25.5% with one-third (73.5%) being unplanned. Majority of the mothers had negative attitude (2.42) towards home birth. The major reasons women deliver at home were precipitate labor (3.34), familiar environment (3.08) and previous successful home births (3.04). The most common consequences of home births reported by respondents were uncontrollable bleeding-85.2% (for the mother) and delayed response after birth–86.5% (for the baby). In conclusion, attitude towards home birth in the community was largely negative although the incidence was high. Precipitate labour, familiar environment and previous home births were the major identifiable reasons for home births. It is thus recommended that mothers be educated on early signs of labor; need to report immediately to the health facility, risks associated with home births and, importance of a skilled birth attendant. This will help reduce the incidence and fatalities associated with home births.


Attitude, Consequences, Reasons, Home births, Home deliveries