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Endometriosis and ovarian cancer risk

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Javier de la Torre- Fernandez de Vega, Jose Luis Sánchez-Iglesias, Assumpt Perez- Benavente, Antonio Gil-Moreno

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Epithelial ovarian cancer presents different histological subtypes, mainly serous, mucinous, endometriod, clear cell, mixed and undifferentiated cell. Molecular genetic studies have led to a new paradigm based on a dualistic model of ovarian carcinogenesis. There is a causal association between endometriosis and specific types of ovarian carcinomas, but the magnitude of the risk is low and endometriosis is not considered a premalignant lesion. Among the endometriosis-associated ovarian tumors adenocarcinoma is the most common (Endometrioid and clear cell) (70%), sarcoma is the second most common malignancy (12%) and rare cell types 6%. The gynecologist should pay special attention to identify patients with endometriosis who may be at an increased risk for ovarian cancer.


Epithelial ovarian cancer, Gynecologic malignancy, Endometriosis, Tumor