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Mini-review: reduced pyronin B as an N-type dopant for organic electronics

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The usage of organic dyes for organic electronics is expanding towards a wide range of applications and the results and experiences of the recent studies are being shared internationally. Due to specific features of some organic dyes, such as their ionic charge, they have received huge attention as dopants for organic materials. In this mini review, n-type doping properties of an organic salt, Pyronin B which is a well-known cationic dye, will be discussed. This dye has been demonstrated as a promising n-type dopant for organic conductors in its reduced state. In addition, Pyronin B is among relatively non-toxic and low-cost compounds. Furthermore, this molecule can also be solution-processed at room temperature which makes it extremely suitable for low cost and flexible electronic devices.


organic electronics, organic semiconductors, organic dopants, cationic dyes, pyronin B, n-doping, n-dopants, reduced dopants