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Core Pseudomonas genome from 10 pseudomonas species 

MOJ Proteomics & Bioinformatics
Xue Ting Tan,1,2 Avettra Ramesh,1,2 Victor CC Wang,1,2 Nur Jannah Kamarudin,1,2 Shermaine SM Chew,1,2 Madhurya V Murthy,1,2 Nikita V Yablochkin,1,2 Karthiga Mathivanan,1,2 Maurice HT Ling1,2,3

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Core genome of a set of organisms represents the set of homologous genes shared between the set of organisms with many applications. The Pseudomonas genus is highly diverse with both plant and animal pathogens. Hence, the core genome of Pseudomonas genus can be useful. Current studies presented contradictory results with the core genome of Pseudomonas genus larger than that of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In this study, we attempt to identify a core Pseudomonas genome from 10 publicly available annotated genomes by intersecting homologous coding sequences using BLAST. Our results suggest a 218-gene core genome, which is 3.46% of the coding sequences of P. aeruginosa. 136 of 218 genes were mapped to official gene symbols and were enriched in 8 clusters in Gene Ontology biological processes related to central metabolism.


genome, pseudomonas, organisms, current, clusters