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Post-operative compressive pneumocephalus: A rare complication of lumbar spinal drainage

Journal of Neurology & Stroke
F Lakhdar, M Benzagmout, K Chakour, ME Chaoui

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Compressive pneumocephalus is a rare condition, most often secondary to head trauma or surgery. We report post-operative compressive pneumocephalus in a patient who underwent primary surgery for anterior clinoid meningioma complicated by CSF leakage treated by lumbar spinal drainage. CT scan clearly demonstrates a compressive pneumocephalus with the sign of the Mount Fuji. The patient was treated with definite bed rest and plenty of fluid replacement with good outcome. Compressive pneumocephalus is a serious, infrequent complication anda possible cause of postoperative worsening. Medical treatment combining highly inspired oxygen therapy and rehydration are sufficient to correct the condition.


hydration, oxygen therapy, pneumocephalus