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Management of nirupastambhita vatavyadhi – a case report

International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Jasminbegam B Momin, Kulkarni PV, Gogate VE

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Nirupastambhita vatavyadhi is mainly a dhatukshayajanita vatavyadhi. Young age is a vivardhamana avastha of life but occurrence of this disease in young age is usually due to dhatukshaya. This may be because of changing lifestyle habits and behavioral ways which primarily lead to agnidushti, vataprakopa and ultimately vatavyadhi. Joint pain along with swelling, tenderness, crepitations and restricted movements are the cardinal features of this disease. Some patients also suffer from constitutional symptoms like anorexia, irregular bowel habits, generalized weakness, etc. A case of 18years old male patient suffering from nirupastabhita vatavyadhi is being discussed here. Ayurvedic chikitsa in terms of different modalities like snehana, swedana, dashamula majjasneha basti and various ayurvedic preparations were used according to rugna bala, vyadhi avastha and dosha avastha. Rasayana chikitsa and physiotherapy was also advocated. Nidana parivarjana was strictly followed by the patient during the course of treatment. The holistic approach of ayurveda towards chikitsa of nirupastambhita or dhatukshayajanita vatavyadhi led to satisfactory results with independent walking and free movements of bilateral knee joints of patient. There was much relief in constitutional symptoms and ESR as well as CRP values also got reduced. Thus, ayurvedic multidimensional approach is helpful in the treatment of nirupastambhita vatavyadhi.


nirupastambhita vatavyadhi, dhatukshaya, snehana, swedana, dashamula majjasneha basti, rasayana chikitsa