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Feeding who, when and how, dysphagia in advanced dementia

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Luca Matteucci,1 Valeria Giosia,1 Martino Brenna,1 Lisa Serati,1 Agnese Massafra,1 Aurora Smeriglia,1 Antonio Luca Brucato2

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Dysphagia is a growing health issue especially in aging population. It can lead to a high variety of complications. Here we present the case of an old woman who suffered from dementia and dysphagia. She was admitted to our ward and was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia. We obtained a full swallowing evaluation, after that we decided not to position a percutaneous gastric tube. Oral nutrition is at least as good as enteral for the outcomes of death, aspiration pneumonia, functional status in patients suffering from dysphagia related to dementia.


advanced dementia, dysphagia, enteral feeding, oral feeding