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An insight into migraine; a neurological disorder

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Migraine is a major health problem in all over the world in young age especially from age 20-30 years. Migraine is the severe headache especially in female as its prevalence is much higher in females than males. Migraine affected the health of youngster in both developed such as America and US and developing country such as Pakistan, Africa, India and Afghanistan. Prevalence of migraine is higher in middle class people. As, 18% of the migraine patients belong to upper class, 81% of patients belongs to middle class and only 1% patients belongs to lower class. Prevalence of migraine is higher in middle class because people belong to middle socio-economic status take more tension of the life.Factors that can trigger the rate and frequency of migraine are smoking, consumptions of alcohol, physical exercise and dietary supplements.To find the determinants of migraine and to reduce the rate of migraine, it was essential to create the awareness among people about health issues.


smoking, consumptions of alcohol, migraine, dietary supplements, manifestations, probable migraine, chronic migraine, blind spot and vision changes