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Nature can inspire solutions for aeronautics and space sciences 

Aeronautics and Aerospace Open Access Journal
SG Hoornaert,1 N Lassabe,2 C Finzinger,3 M Penalva,4 A Pechstein,5 J Chirazi,6 F Mathis7

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Life has been making R&D activities for around four billion years engaging endless combinations with a relentless crash-test result: Reality. Nature’s genius can provide a great help to solve problems. For this, engineers and biologists need to collaborate. Different methodologies can facilitate this interdisciplinary collaboration. Bringing together information from different disciplines enables understanding from different perspectives and promotes critical thinking to consider alternative solutions. As Buckminster Fuller famously observed, a system is greater than the sum of its parts. By mixing varied fields of knowledge, 1+1=3 becomes understandable. This promises to open a new era of highly efficient innovation in aeronautics and space science. 


biomimetics, problem-driven, problem-solving, fungus sapiens, drag reduction, aerodynamics