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The conundrum of corona virus (covid-19) and possible lawsuits against china for an internationally wrongly act

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The Corona Virus also known as COVID 19 pandemic is threatening the world and having devastating impacts on the economy, social , education and environment spheres of human lives. At the time of this undertaking, thousands of lives have already been lost, including frontlines medical care personnel, doctors, scientists and artists. Livelihoods have been negatively impacted because of many restrictions, including lockdown, social distancing, and wearing of facial masks imposed by governments worldwide. Loss of Jobs and closing of schools, universities, and churches as well as other community events, such wedding and games have jeopardised the enjoyment of fundamental human rights. Particularly, the right to life, right to health, the right to association and assembly, right to adequate food, right to education, freedom of movement and right to family life, where husbands are forcibly quarantined separately with their wives. Such impacts are said to continue until the end of the year and no signs on how the social fabric which is destroyed by the impacts of the pandemic will be rebuild. While predictable economic challenges are expected, including great decline and financial deficit worldwide, any legal scholars will be more concerned on investigating on faults as a result of an action or omission for which many lives are affected. Thus, while countries worldwide are more preoccupied in responding to the pandemic and are required to ensure respect and compliance with people human rights, failure of which may result in countries engaging their responsibilities for violations of people rights and be subjected to make reparations, this paper anticipates the need to depict the internationally wrongful act of China as the epicentre of the pandemic and in the affirmative the paper anticipates the legal consequences arising from such an wrongful act. It is one thing to establish an internationally wrongful act and another to hypothesis on such possibility. The later exercise is the focus of the paper while the former can only be done by a court of law.


corona virus, hypothesis, financial crisis, seafood, Wuhan