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Sunscreen and moisturizer cream effects of cosmetic formulations containing extracts of Hypnea musciformis collected in the Colombian Caribbean

Pharmacy & Pharmacology International Journal
Paula Alejandra Vargas Aya, Gladys Rozo Torres

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Background: Three cosmetic products were developed: moisturizer, sunscreen and gel mask; their ingredients are innovative since they have extract of Hypnea musciformis a seaweed found on the coast of Colombia.
Objectives: To determine that cosmetic products do not cause skin irritation and that they can protect the skin from sunlight. To measure with organoleptic tests the smell, texture and color of the products. To perform microbiological and physical-chemical tests of these cosmetic products.
Methods: The active compounds present in H. musciformis were obtained with the supercritical extraction method. The cosmetic formulations were made with components approved by the European Standard No. 1223.UV filters, extracts of H. musciformis, Vitamins A, B and D, collagen and aloe vera were added.
Evaluation: The photo protective effects were measured and in-vivo tests were carried out to determine if the formulations rise irritation.Physicochemical properties: density, viscosity and pH of all formulations were determined. Microbiological tests: the presence of Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and coliform bacteria was evaluated. Sensory tests: product approval was measured by color, odor and texture.
Results: The ultraviolet spectrum showed absorbances of 190nm, 290nm and 365nm wavelengths. Relative densities were: mask: 1.0062, moisturizer: 0.9337, sunscreen 0.9802. pH: mask: 6.90, moisturizer: 6.86 and sunscreen: 6.82.The moisturizer and sunscreen viscosity shows a pseudoplastic behavior; the mask has a viscosity of 7.46 x 10-4 Pa*s. There is no presence of Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa or coliform bacteria. The skin irritation test in vivo showed 100% negative results. The cosmetic products do not irritate the skin. The results of the sensory evaluations show an approval in smell, color and texture.
Conclusions: H. musciformis extracts are considered effective ingredients to use in sunscreen and moisturizer formulations. The combination of vitamins A, B and D, aloe vera, collagen and alga extract significantly improves its properties.


Hypnea musciformis, carrageenan, irritation test, sensory test, microbiological control