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Propagation properties of dissipative waves in non Maxwellian plasmas

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The  propagation  of  the  ion-acoustic  shock  waves  (dissipative  waves)  are  presented  in  a plasma consisting of fluid ions and cold and hot electrons. Cold and hot electrons are considered as Maxwellian and kappa distribution functions, respectively. Using reductive perturbation   technique,   Korteweg-de-Vries-Burger   (KdVB)   and   Burgers   equations   are  derived  for  shock  waves  in  the  present  plasma  model.  It  is  found  that  both  positive  (compressive) and negative (rarefactive) ion-acoustic shock waves can be propagating in present medium. Finally, the influence of different parameters on both these shock waves are studied numerically. Our results are important for the electrostatic shock wave structures in space plasmas.


two-temperature plasmas, K-dVB equation, burgers equation, ion-acoustic shock waves, superthermal electrons