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The roles of data analytics in the fashion industry


The importance of data has been gradually acknowledged by fashion professionals to improve sales and margins because fashion brands and retailers need to develop, manufacture, and sell styles that resonate with consumers. Lately, advancements in data analytics, machine learning, and computing power, the value of utilizing artificial intelligence (AI)-based software or applications has been well acknowledged by fashion brans and retailers who want to apply a data-driven decision-making approach to develop more efficient fashion design, merchandising, and marketing strategies. In this research, it is intended to review the roles and importance of data analytics in the fashion merchandising process. AI-powered data analytics applications or services that are currently available in the fashion industry are also introduced. Finally, a need for developing courses or programs focusing on fashion-specific data analytics in higher education is addressed as more and more fashion brands and retailers are trying to hire fashion data analysts. Collaboration with technology partners who are providing AI-powered data analytics services to fashion brands and retailers is needed to educate fashion students with practical knowledge and skills.


Data analytics, Fashion industry, Consumers, Sales, Retailers, Fashion brands