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Deformation of electromagnetoelastic actuator for nano robotics system

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The regulation characteristic and the transfer function of the electromagnetoelastic actuator are investigated for nano robotics system. The electromagnetoelastic actuator is used in nanotechnology, scanning microscopy, adaptive optics, laser systems, focusing and image stabilization systems, vibration damping, nano and micro manipulator to penetrate the cell and to work with the genes. The mechanical and control characteristics of the electromagnetoelastic actuator are obtained to calculate the nano mechatronics robotics system. The piezo actuator is used in nano and micro dosing devices, nano manipulators in nano and micro surgery.


electromagnetoelastic actuator, piezo actuator, deformation, regulation characteristic, transfer function, mechanical and control characteristics, nano robotics system, nanotechnology, controlling, mechanisms, mechanical, forces, actuating, manipulator, optics