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Aesthetic refining with autologous fat graft post breast reconstruction

MOJ Surgery
Laurinda Castellani,1 Roberto Jose da Silva Vieira,2 Marcio Paneghini3


The objective of this study was to verify the aesthetic efficacy of autologous fat graft in the breast reconstruction after refinement, through the presentation of a clinical case report. The methodology was ADOPTED a review of the literature Followed by the clinical case report, where an example of esthetic rehabilitation with autologous fat grafting is addressed in practice. Based on the literature reports and the description of this clinical case, it was concluded que fat grafting provides the improvement of quality skin and aesthetics in general. Although the Desired volume is not reached in the first session, satisfactory results can be obtained from he application of several sessions, adding excellent aesthetic result and improvement of the quality of life for the patients who have undergone this devastating disease nowadays.


breast reconstruction, mastectomy, fat grafting, autologous fat graft in breast