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Designing for the plus-size men: towards a better fitting: a case of Harare, Zimbabwe

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Denford Fadzai Chisosa, Verity Muzenda


This study endeavours to foster an understanding and encourage manufacturers to incorporate the plus sizes in their production to combat the fitting challenges connected to plus-sized men in Harare. The plus sized men were facing challenges in finding some fitting and ready- to-wear clothes on the market because of size restriction in a market. The clothing manufacturing companies was mass producing these ready-to-wear clothes ostensibly for all men, ironically leaving the plus-sized men disgruntled due to misfitting clothes and size restrictions. The study used critical postmodernism and the concurrent triangulation approaches to determine scope for either any convergence, differences or combination. Data was collected using questionnaires, interviews, observations and documentary analysis from the twenty-four (24) purposively sampled participants. Recommendations were made for the clothing companies to integrate the extreme and in-between sizes. This study offers insights on better sizing for different body types eliminating the emotional psychology disturbances.


Plus-size, Clothing, Ready- made, Read-to wear