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Effect of a prebrushing mouthwash on color stability of composite resins

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Statement of problem: Despite of composite resins’ capacity of mimic dental tissues, it can discolor over time. However, there is no information on literature about the effect of prebrushing mouthwashes on staining of these materials.

Objectives: Thisstudy aimed to evaluate the effect of prebrushing mouthwashes on color stability of three composite resins.

Method and materials: Twenty specimens of each resinwere prepared:Filtek Z250 (3M ESPE –S Paul, MN, USA), Charisma (Heraeus Kulzer GmbH-Hanau-Germany) e EvoluX (Dentsply-Petrópolis-Brazil). Groups were randomly divided accord to treatment: immersion in prebrushingmouthwash (test group) or immersion in deionized water (control group). Test groups were immersed in 10 ml of prebrushingmouthwash Plax Magic (Colgate-Palmolive, São Bernardo do Campo, SP, Brazil) for 60 s three times a day during 35 days as manufactories instructions. Color measurements were done after 24 h of specimen’s preparation and after 7, 14, 21 and 35 days of immersion time.

Results: Prebrushingmouthwash Plax Magic promoted color changein all materials used and at all times. Colorchange was higher in composite resin Charisma, followed by Z250 and EvoluX.

Conclusions: Prebrushingmouthwash promoted color change in all materials used. Composite resin Charisma demonstrated less color stability on the study times then Filtek Z250 resin and EvoluX resin that demonstrated to be more stable.


composite resins, oral hygiene, surface properties, accessible cost, color variability, optical characteristics, pigments retention, restorative materials degradation, softening