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The localization of HPV and CMV in the adipose tissues of female diabetic type 1 rats and the possibility of having a role of reactivity of COVID-19 in diabetic subjects as a new medical hypothesis


Introduction: Diabetes has various impacts on human body. It is thought that diabetes is predisposed by obesity. Obesity may due to several factors including genetically- environmental factors. The recent views that viruses may act as etiology for obesity.

Study objectives: The main objectives of the present study were to investigate the possibility that CMV and HPV of having a role in initiating episodes of obesity and diabetes, and to test the hypothesis that co-existence of multi-viruses including corona virus may work synergistically to increase the impact of COVID-19 on diabetic patients.

Methodology: In this study, a diabetic model was induced, the localization of HPV and CMV was determined using immunohistochemistry. Results: Study findings showed that both viruses HPV and CMV exist in the adipose tissue of diabetic rats. Both viruses were brown in color.

Conclusions: Taken together, both CMV and HPV exist in the adipose tissue of diabetic rats, and this may explain the phenomenon of autoimmunity in diabetes from one side and from another side, we may explain the occurrence of synergistic effects of COVID-19 virus and the other viruses mentioned in this study.


diabetes, obesity, viruses, CMV, HPV