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Colostrum as the speed up key for ruminant newborn: what do we know and should further characterize

Journal of Dairy, Veterinary & Animal Research
Luis Martins, Luiza da Costa Correa Oliveira

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Feeding and management programs are essential to determine neonatal health and survival. Therefore, an adequate and early intake of high quality colostrum, rich in antibodies and nutrients, is crucial. Some factors such as i) season; ii) length of the dry period and nutrition; iii) number of births; iv) litter size; v) body condition; vi) milk production; vii) fat and protein content; viii) somatic cell count and ix) breed/geneticshave been associated with the quality of colostrum. Colostral nutritional and protective characteristicsmay be assessed through the protein concentration, which reflects the amount of albumin and globulins, indicating the success or failure in passive transference of immunity. Failure to passive immunoglobulin transfer results in an increased risk of morbidity and mortality of the newborn. This review addresses factors with potential to interfere with the quality of colostrum, prospecting future research in sheep.


ruminant, characterize, newborn, Duration