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Preventive strategies to combat infections–a review of traditional practices and Ayurveda concepts

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India is the land of traditions and religious beliefs that stand proudly next to the global technology. The great sages of India chanted shantih mantra and its echoes have reverberated through centuries. The quest for happiness and success has been the dynamic factor in the course of evolutionary history. It is reflected in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, which conveys that “May all be free from illness/ disease” which speaks about Universal health. Ayurveda advocates several non-pharmacological measures that are critical to overall health, including diet, sleep, mental factors, and environmental hygiene. There is a need to decode some of the non pharmacological, prophylactic measures that might sound superstitious to many, but are age-old practices of our ancestors and widely followed. This paper highlights prophylaxis aspects practiced traditionally in different parts of India along with Ayurvedic views and rationale behind these practices. Many age-old practices widely followed by our ancestors to prevent infectious diseases like daily regimens, seasonal regimens, personal hygiene, environmental hygiene, dietary guidelines, immunity boosting measures are relevant even today. 


ayurveda, COVID-19, prophylaxis, preventive, tuberculosis, sexual intercourse, physical touch, respiration, exchange of body-fluids, sleeping, body homeostasis, biological clock, aids digestion, absorption