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Successful therapeutic management of mange in a persian cat 

Journal of Dairy, Veterinary & Animal Research
Tawheed Amad Shafi,1 Siddiqui MFMF,2 Sakhre MP,1 Syed AM,3 Chigure GM4

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A Persian cat was presented with a history of hair fall, intense itching, mostly on the spine of the body, legs and ear pinnae. The cat was having decreased appetite and debilitated body condition and poor skin coat. Clinical examination revealed poor skin coat, self-inflicted lesions on the body due to intense itching, however, physiological parameters were within normal range. The cat was diagnosed as mange on the basis of severe pruritus, crusts, and alopecia on the ears, spine, legs and belly and was confirmed by skin scraping. The cat was treated with Ivermectin (200 mcg/kg, SC), weakly for two months and also hydroxyzine HCl @ 2 mg/ Kg body weight, BID, PO, for five days, and antibiotic cephalexin @ 30 mg/ Kg body weight, BID, PO, for five days. The cat showed gradual response to the therapy as evidenced by decrease in the hair fall, improvement in the itching and hair regrowth after two weeks on parts of alopecia. The cat recovered successfully and it took three months for complete regrowth of the hair coat. 


Persian cat, pruritus, alopecia, ivermectin