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Biodiversity in buffer zones: a study on the effect of richness versus evenness on maximizing p and n reduction in riparian buffer zones

Biodiversity International Journal
Goudarzian Pardis,1 Yazdani Mohammad Reza,1 Matinkhah Sayed Hamid2


This study was done with the aim of evaluating the relation between flora biodiversity and efficiency of six buffer zones according to perimeter, area and width considerations.Six riparian buffer zones were selected andPerimeter, area, width, latitude and longitude were measured. Next, species compositions were investigated in each zone and then, biodiversity indices were calculated in 20×20 m2 plots. In addition, soil samples were collected along 3 parallel transects from the beginning to the end of the farm and beginning to the end of six buffer zones at depth of 30 and analyzed for N and P concentrations. A two-way between-groups analysis of variance was conducted to explore the impact of biodiversity and the location of points on levels of N and P reduction.Results of this study showed that the difference between biodiversity indexes, which is primarily due to the diversity of species composition, influences the effectiveness of the "riparian buffer zones"(RBZ).


evenness, nitrogen and phosphorus reduction, riparian buffer zone, species composition