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Nurse-Led diabetes clinics in Southeast Asia: scope,feasibility, challenges and facilitators

Journal of Diabetes, Metabolic Disorders & Control
Suresh K Sharma,1 Kalpana Thakur,1 Ravi Kant,2 Sanjay Kalra3

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Burden of diabetes has escalated worldwide and global death rate has doubled in last twomdecades. About 88 million people are living with diabetes in Southeast Asian countries and it is expected to shoot up rapidly because of changing life style and longevity of life. Unfortunately, diabetes is not well managed in these countries because of several factors but mainly due to poor doctor-to-populationratio. Recently, World Health Organization has also advised accessible, affordable and quality diabetes care in Southeast Asian countries through extended role of nurses in diabetes care. The model of independent nurse-led diabetes clinic and advanced diabetes nurse practitioner for management of diabetes has been successful in the western world. This article highlights the scope,feasibility, challenges, barriers and facilitators in implementation of nurse-led diabetes clinics (NLDC) in Southeast Asian countries.


nurse-led diabetic clinic, diabetes nurse, diabetes nurse practitioners,scope, feasibility, challenges, facilitators