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An android app for receiving, storing and exchanging blood pressure data way bluetooth, OCR and gesture input

International Journal of Biosensors & Bioelectronics
Jose de Jesús Sandoval-Palomares, Javier Yanez-Mendiola

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Telemetry home, mobile technologies, and software application, has a positive effect on the monitoring and management of some medical control parameters, and help to be more effective in the treatments, measuring blood pressure at home is becoming increasingly use by both clinicians and patients. This work implements a way to obtain information directly from commercial blood pressure devices, using application programming interface, without to have used the proprietary APP of the brand, use of the optical character recognition and the use of gestures using the fingers to write each of the blood pressure values; systole, diastole, pressure, date and time and send these data to a Web-DataBase way SMS message


blood pressure, OCR, gestures, APP, treatment, optical character recognition, hypertension