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Testicular liposarcoma: a rare form of testicular cancer

Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research
Chintav Shah,1 Simeon Jaggenauth,2 Patrick Pathappillil,3 Rishav Sinha3


Testicular liposarcoma is a very uncommon pathology associated with testicular cancer.1 Paratesticular soft tissue tumors are rare entities with malignant subtypes accounting for 30% of cases.2 Often misdiagnosed, testicular liposarcoma must be considered in the differential diagnosis of a groin mass.1 There are only few cases of the giant testicular liposarcoma of more than 10cm reported in the literature. We present the case of a 62yr old male who presented to urology for a mass in the groin which was thought to be an inguinal hernia. The patient had some associated testicular pain therefore an ultrasound was performed identifying a 7.1 x 1.5cm mass. He underwent a left orchiectomy with removal of the associated mass which showed a well differentiated liposarcoma of a sclerosing variant. The surgical margins were negative however; the patient did undergo a metastatic workup with a CT of abdomen and pelvis that was unremarkable.


liposarcoma, hypertension, inguinal hernia, sclerosing type, scarcity of cases, testicle, hyperlipidemia, epididymal cyst, tumor site, testicular parenchyma, oncology clinic, active surveillance, inguinal canal